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Giving Back

The Sherpas are the unsung heroes of Everest…

From the early days of Sir Edmund Hillary's first successful summit, to modern mountaineers’ attempts on treacherous Himalayan peaks, these incredible high-altitude climbers have been there in every step of the way—guiding, hauling food and gear, setting ropes, and rescuing sick and injured climbers.

Unfortunately even though climbers pay thousands of dollars for permits and guides, Sherpas still often live in impoverished conditions. And it is their children who suffer most when a Sherpa guide is injured or killed in a climbing accident.

In order to honor their heroic feats, Sherpa Adventure Gear donates up to $.50 for every item sold to The Paldorje Education Fund. We are also in the process of setting up additional non-profit partnerships to benefit the health, education, and welfare of underprivileged Sherpa children.

In addition to this, we employ local Sherpas in our office in Katmandu, and contract with Sherpa artisans (some of whom are our own cousins) to create our beautiful, hand-made wool hats. So every product you buy makes a direct impact on the lives of these amazing people.

Paldorje Education Fund

Mission Statement

The Paldorje Education Fund provides much-needed headstart scholarships to less fortunate Sherpa children. We are supported by Sherpa Adventure Gear and the welcome kindness of friends. In Nepal, where many children grow up in remote mountain villages deprived of basic education, it is our mission to help those in the next generation find their way to a brighter future. By doing this, we honor the dreams of our elders to make a better world.